Total Ankle Replacement in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, is a beautiful city full of active people. However, if you are one of those ‘active’ people who suffer from ankle problems so severe that it keeps you from living your desired active lifestyle, consider a total ankle replacement. If you or a loved one needs a total ankle replacement in Portland, OR, visit Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett.


Enjoy Healthy Ankles

Anyone who has suffered from a debilitating ankle condition knows that it can keep you from fully enjoying your life, by limiting your mobility and creating persistent pain that impacts every activity in which you participate. Sometimes, these conditions can become so severe that your life comes to a halt. For these severe situations, normal treatment may not be enough, and a total ankle replacement can be necessary.

If you’ve dealt with a condition that has caused debilitating ankle problems, make an appointment with Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett today. We can help you regain independence, relieve pain, and move in a positive direction.


Work With Experts

The experienced team at Ankle & Foot Clinic of Everett is dedicated to your health and comfort. Our (senior?take out primary) primary practitioner, Dr. Christensen, one of  the premier ankle surgeons in the Pacific Northwest, helps patients from Portland, Oregon, California, and even Hawaii. Don’t let your ankle problem make you put your life on hold; call us today at 425-339-8888 to learn more about our services.