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Nail Surgery

There are two main procedures for treatment of an ingrown toenail:

  • Nail Avulsion- This procedure involves removing a small sliver of the nail boarder or sometimes the entire nail. This procedure is performed in the office with injectable numbing medication. The nail will regrow and an ingrown nail may or may not reoccur.
  • Matricectomy- This procedure is similar to a nail avulsion only after the nail plate is removed a chemical is applied to the root of the nail to prevent nail regrowth. Although there is a chance of recurrence, usually this procedure is permanent. The patient will have a skinnier toenail once the area is healed and the ingrown nail is eliminated. Sometimes a patient will choose to have the entire nail removed permanently and this can be performed as well.

The physicians at Ankle and Foot Clinics Northwest will discuss your options and recommend a treatment for you. Sometimes a nail avulsion is recommended initially. If the area is very infected the chemical applied to prevent nail regrowth will not work and therefore a nail avulsion will be performed. If the ingrown nail continues to become a problem or the patient favors a more definitive procedure, then a matricectomy can be performed.

Preparing for the Procedure

  • It is helpful to bring open toed shoes with you to wear home.
  • If you have any implants such as total joints or heart valves it is important that you notify us beforehand because you will require antibiotic prophylaxis prior to the procedure.


A dressing is applied and can be removed the next day. The area will be tender for approximately 2 weeks after the procedure. Daily soaking and dressing changes will need to be performed daily. 

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