What Causes Intoeing?

Intoeing can occur for three reasons:

  • Metatarsus Adducutus-within the foot the metatarsals deviate inwards. Stretching or casting may be recommended early on. Surgery may be recommended if the condition is severe or diagnosed later.
  • Internal Tibial Torsion-within the lower leg, the tibia has an increased inward twist. If not improved by the age of 9, surgery may be needed.
  • Femoral Anteversion-within the hip, the femur twists inward. This condition usually corrects on its own but sometimes surgery may be needed.

Symptoms of Intoeing

Intoeing may cause your child to trip or fall easily. With femoral anteversion often the child will sit in a “W position” as it is more comfortable. Sometimes the above conditions are seen together which exaggerate the appearance of the intoeing.

If you notice your child intoeing we would encourage you to make an appointment with The Ankle and Foot Clinics Northwest as well as a pediatric orthopedist for an evaluation. 

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