The Infinity ™ Total Ankle replacement is a product from Wright Medical Technology, Inc. It was brought to the US market in 2014. Since the Inbone was evolving to become a revision prosthesis, the company chose to develop a compact more bone sparing design that could be used for primary total ankle replacement.

The design still used the articulation of the Inbone II which made the talar components interchangable. It should be noted that the upper component has options to help match distorted leg bone anatomy that is often encountered in patients with end-stage post-traumatic arthritis.

The lower talar component has no sides unlike some of their competitors, making the component easy to evaluate on radiographic examination.

Similar to the Inbone, the Infinity has variable sizes and a titanium porus coat for optimal bone integration. A major advantage to the system is the implant geometry that is compatible with Inbone giving the Infinity numerous options if revision ever becomes necessary.


  1. Systemic arthritis of the ankle.
  2. Primary arthritis (osteoarthritis).
  3. Post traumatic arthritis (chronic ankle sprains, post ankle fracture).
  4. Revision ankle surgery including fusion reversal.

Dr. Christensen was one of the early user surgeons and he has used Infinity with confidence in many of his patients throughout the Northwest. The clinical outcomes are very predicible with this system.

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