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Crush Injuries

Traumatic foot events are responsible for millions of Americans' foot issues. A crushing injury can be much more severe than first suspected. Not only can you suffer from broken or fractured bones, but you could have tendon, ligament and/or muscle damage. If you suffer from any type of foot and/or ankle injury make sure you are treated by your podiatric foot and ankle expert!

Crush injuries can be debilitating injuries not only from injuries of bones and joints but the soft tissue component of the injury can also be a source of chronic pain. The cutaneous nerve, in particular, is prone to injury of this type. 

The velocity of the crushing blow is also an important factor. A roll over of a foot from a slow rolling 2-ton car often will not fracture the foot, while dropping a 10 lb object from a height of 5 feet will often cause a fracture. 

Accurate diagnosis of the variable sources of pain can help individuals through the difficult process of functional rehabilitation of the injury. 

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