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What Is A Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a deformity noticeable at birth where the foot is dramatically turned in. Clubfoot occurs in about 1 of every 1,000 children. It is more common in males and can affect one or both feet. Clubfoot is also called congenital talipes equinovarus.

How Is Clubfoot Treated?

Dr. Ponseti revolutionized the way clubfoot is treated. Clubfoot casting with the Ponseti method is now the standard of care for treating clubfoot.  Serial casts are applied as soon as possible after birth until the deformity is corrected, usually for 5-7 weeks.

What Happens After Casting?

Once correction is obtained an Achilles tendon release is performed. The correction is then maintained with a brace until around age 4.

Can Clubfoot Reoccur?

Sometimes partial or full recurrence of the clubfoot is seen. Casting is sometimes repeated initially.  For a partial recurrence, a tendon transfer may be performed. For a full recurrence, a more extensive soft tissue release may be required.

Are There Any Lasting Affects of Clubfoot?

Many children with clubfoot that who are treated have little disability later in life. However the anatomy of a patient with clubfoot will always be different and patients usually will benefit from the use of custom orthotics long term.

Sometimes overcorrection of clubfoot deformity can occur resulting in an extremely flatfoot and flatfoot reconstruction surgery may be considered in adulthood.

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