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Boeing Heel

We are proud to serve the employees that work at the Boeing Everett plant. The average Everett Boeing worker walks 1-1.5 miles from the parking lot to their work station just to start their shift. The work surfaces that the Boeing worker is exposed to are unforgiving. The concrete of the factory floor is extra thick to support the weight of the airplanes. Even the metal stairs are unforgiving. Furthermore, many workers also stand on uneven surfaces or plane stringers, while others can walk up to 10-15K steps per day.

This kind of activity and stress takes its toll even on the normal foot. Combine a heavy workload with overtime, which allows inflammation to build up, and then can carry forward to the next day. Intractable heel pain often develops, a condition we call “Boeing Heel”, since so many workers suffer from this condition and share the same complaints. The most common foot condition seen in Boeing workers is Plantar Fasciitis ; but other overuse problems affecting the heel can be seen including Achilles tendon insertion problems on the heel such as: Achilles Tendonitis Pain , calcific tendinosis, and Haglund’s heel (painful bump on outer heel).

Doctors at Ankle & Foot Clinics Northwest are very experienced with treating all forms of Boeing Heel. We have clinical pathways that can resolve most acquired foot problems employing non-surgical techniques. Most of the problems encountered in the Boeing factory can be managed long-term with Custom Orthotics . However, once the pain develops, typically multiple treatments need to be employed to keep the worker going while the condition gradually resolves.

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