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The Achilles tendon is prone to injury because the center of the tendon has poor circulation. For patients who are young and active in sports, or have demanding occupations that require a strong Achilles tendon, surgery is the treatment of choice. The surgery involves suturing the ruptured ends of the tendon back together and applying a splint for several weeks while the tendon heals. We use a published functional, rehabilitation Achilles Rupture Protocol.

To learn more about Achilles tendon ruptures, visit our website, Seattle Achilles Rupture & Injury Doctor | Ankle and Foot Specialist.

Below is an MRI revealing an Achilles tendon rupture with 16.9 mm gap. The Achilles tendon was repaired and the patient is doing very well after surgery.


Accidents happen. Maybe you missed the last step coming down stairs or fell playing basketball. Now you are looking at X-ray’s of a broken ankle at an urgent care facility. We know this is not the way you wanted to spend Sunday afternoon. Dr. Christensen, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Bowlby all have extensive experience in trauma surgery. We will be able to schedule both an appointment and surgery promptly so that you can start healing ASAP! Below is an example of a patient that sustained an ankle fracture while skate boarding. After surgery, the patient is doing very well and their bones have healed.