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March 11, 2019
Category: Ankle Care
Tags: Hoka   Hightop   Hiking   Ankle support  

Hoke One One now has a hiking shoe! The stiff soled, rocker bottom is now combined with a high top for added ankle support. This shoe would be ideal for anyone who has ball of the foot pain or arthritis of the big toe joint, midfoot or ankle. The high top provides excellent ankle support on and off the trail. The Hoka is also lightweight and and provides good cushion. We can't say enough good things about this shoe! 

Hoka One One is a brand of athletic shoes marketed for runners but is also an excellent choice for many of our patients, especially those with ball of the foot pain, hallux rigidus, and midfoot or ankle arthritis. The Hoka has a stiff rocker bottom sole that significantly takes the pressure off of these areas during gait. The Hoka provides good arch support as well, is lightweight, and very well cushioned. The insole is removable and a custom orthotic can fit well inside. Hoka also makes hiking boots and now recovery sandals!