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By Dr. Bowlby
July 30, 2019
Category: Foot Care
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Accidents happen and we’re here for you when they do. A heavy object fell on this patient’s foot causing a fracture within the first tarsometatarsal joint. The patient underwent a midfoot fusion and now is doing very well after surgery. Dr. Christensen, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Bowlby all have extensive experience in trauma surgery. We will be able to schedule both an appointment and surgery promptly so that you can start healing ASAP!


A dancer’s fracture is a fracture in the shaft of the fifth metatarsal bone. Like the name implies this fracture is common in dancers but can occur during any inversion injury. Unlike a Jones fracture, a dancer’s fracture usually heals very well and surgery is usually not needed. Typically, a patient may be weightbearing in a removable cast boot for six weeks after a dancer's fracture.  Serial X-rays are performed to check the healing progress. If the fracture fragments are displaced very far apart, surgery may be considered. In this case, usually the patient is non-weightbearing for two weeks followed by protected weightbearing in a cast boot for an additional four weeks.