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  • Chi Running
    We like to focus on injury prevention when treating our patients! If you are a runner, check out this book, “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer which has some great advice Read more
  • Ankle Fracture
    We are here for you when accidents happen! This patient is recovering well after open reduction with internal fixation for a severe ankle fracture. If you have injured your foot Read more
  • Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis
    Post traumatic osteoarthritis can lead to debilitating pain. This patient fractured their heel bone many years ago. They are recovering well after fusion of their subtalar joint with a bone Read more
  • Revision Surgery
    We specialize in revision surgery. This patient originally had a big toe joint implant which was painful. They are now recovering well after revision surgery which included a bone graft Read more
  • Severe Ankle Fracture
    Accidents happen! We are here for you when they do! This patient is recovering well after open reduction with internal fixation for a severe ankle fracture. If you have broken Read more
  • Before and After Forefoot Reconstruction
    Some foot conditions tend to occur together over time. Most of the time these are due to structural foot problems which are genetic. For example, this patient had a bunion, Read more
  • Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture
    Trimalleolar ankle fractures, where all three parts of the ankle joint are broken, are some of the most serious injuries that we see. This patient is recovering well after a Read more
  • Lapidus Bunionectomy
    A bunion is a condition where the big toe begins to drift sideways at the joint from the splaying of the first metatarsal. This patient is recovering well after Lapidus Read more
  • Pilon Fracture
    “Pilon” comes from the French word, pestle which means “to crush.” A pilon fracture, like this patient suffered, is a crushing fracture of the tibia that involves the ankle joint. Read more
  • Peroneal Tendinopathy
    The outer ankle tendons (peroneal tendons) are prone to injury, especially in a high arch foot (pes cavus). This MRI shows peroneal tendons that are badly degenerative. This patient is Read more
  • Chaco Sandals
    Chaco is one of our favorite brands of active sandals. They have great built in arch support and are perfect for water sports, walking on the beach or along a Read more
  • Fibrous Bands
    Bands of scar tissue (fibrous bands) can form within the ankle joint after trauma causing painful impingement. This patient is recovering well after arthroscopic ankle debridement surgery, where these fibrous Read more
  • Bunion and Arthritis
    Arthritis can develop in the setting of a long standing bunion deformity, as shown in this patient. This patient also had a painful long second metatarsal, Tailors bunion and an Read more

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