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  • High Ankle Sprain
    Have an ankle sprain that’s not getting better? It might be a high ankle sprain, which involves the ligaments above the ankle joint. This is also known as a syndesmotic Read more
  • 3 Common Foot Myths Debunked
    3 Common Foot Myths Debunked: #1: Toenails Should Always Be Cut Straight Across This actually is the most common myth we hear. Not all toenails grow straight across. So, if you have Read more
  • Not Just a Midfoot Sprain!
    Not just a midfoot sprain, subtle Lisfranc injuries require surgery if the Lisfranc ligament is completely torn. An MRI revealed a complete tear of the Lisfranc ligament in this patient Read more
  • Revision Total Ankle Replacement
    Dr. Christensen has had years of experience doing complicated revision total ankle replacements. This patient had an Agility total ankle replacement approximately 15 years ago. They are now doing well Read more
  • Not All Heel Pain Is Plantar Fasciitis
    Not all heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This patient is recovering well after surgery to graft the bone tumor in their heel. If your heel is causing you pain, please Read more
  • Bunions in Women
    Did you know bunions are both more common and symptomatic in females? This patient is recovering well after bunionectomy surgery. If you have painful bunions, you are not alone! Check Read more
  • Adult Acquired Flat Foot
    Adult acquired flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) occurs when the posterior tibial tendon begins to show signs of fatigue. This progressive condition eventually leads to complete collapse of Read more
  • Anterior Superior Process of the Calcaneus Fracture
    This patient heard a “pop” after twisting their ankle, which resulted in a nondisplaced anterior superior process fracture of the calcaneus. After 6 weeks of non-weight-bearing, the fracture healed without Read more
  • Delayed Achilles Tendon Repair
    The Achilles tendon is the largest in the body, however one of the most prone to injury. When not treated immediately, the tendon ends retract and shorten, making the repair Read more
  • Jones Fracture
    Accidents happen and we are there for you when they do! This patient broke their 5th metatarsal bone, known as a Jones Fracture. These fractures are notoriously slow healing and Read more

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