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What's a bunion?

A bunion is not actually a growth of bone like the name suggests, but is a sideways buckling of the big toe joint. The first metatarsal which is the bone behind the big toe, splays outwards as the bunion develops, causing the big toe to drift towards the second toe.  Bunions occur primarily due to genetics and inherited foot biomechanics.

A bunion is a structural problem and can only be resolved by surgery, as there are no conservative treatments that can reverse the process. Functional foot orthoses are custom made “arch supports” and are can help in controlling the abnormal big toe joint movement and reducing bunion pain.   

Bunion Surgery may be considered once pain begins to interfere with your activity level and you feel that you are limited due to the pain. The key to bunion surgery is understanding and addressing the reason for the bunion and not just removing the bump. The proper procedure will decrease the risk of the bunion reoccurring as well as other problems developing. For more information, check out our website page Bunion Treatment | Bunion Surgery serving Everett to Seattle!

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