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Want To Start Running Again?

Ready to start running again? Beginning gradually is the key to prevent injury. Below is a guide designed to help you begin running again safely. 

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First, start with a running test:

  • 2 minute warm up at 5 mph (12 min mile)


  • Then record distance when running at 6mph/hr (10 min mile) and pain level reaches 2 out of 10.
  • Based on this distance, you will be in one of the following phases of the graduated running program:
  • Phase 1: 0-1/4 mile
  • Phase 2: >1/4-1/2 mile
  • Phase 3: >1/2-3/4 mile
  • Phase 4: >3/4-1 mile
  • Phase 5: >1 mile or more

For example, if you begin to experience pain (2 out of 10)  at a little over 1/2 a mile, you would be in phase 2. This means you would begin running for 2 minutes (at 7.5mph), followed by walking for 2 minutes (at 3.5mph) and so on for a total of 16 minutes on a treadmill every other day.  

Graduated Running Program:

Running PhaseSurfaceMinutesTotalSpeed Intensity
162=run 6 mph: 2=walk 3.5 mph
162=run 7.5 mph;
2=walk 3.5 mph

3Over Ground32323232 
203=run at intensity 1-2;
2=walk at 3.5 mph
4Over Ground32323232 
203=run at intensity 2-3;
2=walk at 3.5 mph

5Over GroundContinuous16intensity 1-2
6Over GroundContinuous18intensity 2-3

  • Intensity 1- Light jogging
  • Intensity 2-Jogging and talking
  • Intensity 3-Jogging and difficult talking


  • Program is performed 3 times a week, every other day.


  • May begin next phase when can complete current phase with pain level 4 out of 10 or less.


Adapted from:  Moen MH, Holtslag L, Bakker E et al. The Treatment of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in Athletes: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Sports Med, Arthrosc, Rehab, Ther and Tech 4;12:2012.

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