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Backpacking and Your Feet

Here are a few tips to keep your feet from interfering with your next backpacking or hiking trip this summer!

1. Get a good pair of hiking boots and break them in before your trip. Brands we recommend are Keen, Merrill, Danner, Hoka, Lowa Tibet, and Kenetrek. 

2. Socks are just as important as your shoes. We recommend Smart Wool brand. Socks should be wool or a synthetic blend. Avoid cotton socks because they trap in moisture and do not wick sweat well. 

3. Bring mole skin. Applying mole skin to any hot spots before blisters form may help prevent them. 

3. Apply Certain Dri antiperspirant the night before and the morning of your trip. This will help keep your feet drier which will help prevent blisters. 

4. Cut your toenails before you go. This will help prevent toenail injuries! 

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