Bicycle Orthotics

Cycling Orthotics

A must for serious bicycle enthusiasts especially weight weenies. We recommend custom carbon-fiber orthotics that are made specific to fix your bicycle shoes. This ensures the lightest possible device that fits perfectly especially for those low volume shoes. For shoes that are tight in the end of the toe box we can have a device that ends at the sulcus of the foot short of the toes.  

A well fabricated bicycle orthotic will:

  • Improve foot mechanics.
  • Improve power transfer to pedals.
  • Reduce ball of foot pressure.
  • Improve knee mechanics.

With custom orthotics minor adjustments are sometimes necessary. A break-in period is also needed for your feet to adjust to.


Ankle & Foot Clinics Northwest has been providing custom orthotics to the greater Seattle cycling community for over 30 years.  

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