Ankle Fusion Reversal

Ankle fusion reversal is a procedure that is becoming more and more common place to perform. In the past it was reserved for patients that had a poor response to ankle fusion including:

  • Non-healing of fusion (Non-union)
  • Poor Alignment (Mal-union)
  • Spread of arthritics to other foot joints


A newer technique; this is a staged fusion reversal for younger patients, where the ankle is fused with the understanding that the patient will perform a reversal when they are older and less active. Arthroscopic fusion is an excellent way to fuse an ankle without destroying the gutter facets of the ankle joint which improves the success of fusion reversal. This technique is particularly important in patients with end stage ankle arthritis that are under 30 years old. 


It is necessary to have an intact distal fibula to succesfully perform ankle fusion reversal. Although there are newly developing techniques for restoring fibular function in patient that had the distal fibula discarded during their fusion procedure. 


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